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Studio Work
I Dream of Sleep

Society today is extremely sleep deprived. Before industrialism, people used to do hard labor all day—whether it be in the field or hunting. Today we sit at computers all day for the most part, and don’t move as much. This affects the way we sleep, and sleep is just as important as exercising and eating right. On a personal level, sleep deprivation has been affecting me my entire life. I was diagnosed Fall 2016 with Sleep Apnea, which means that I stop breathing when I sleep, causing me to jolt awake. While it went undiagnosed, I lived off of a copious amount of caffeine, which is the most popular drug in the world. My ‘main’ piece of the instillation was constructed from my CPAP box, held together by coffee holders to represent the caffeine keeping me going. My pillows are stuffed with cans and bottles of drinks that have caffeine in them. Try sleeping on it.

I Dream of Sleep, Mixed Media, Fall 2016

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